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GunRun Theme

Several people mailed me and asked for the music and where it's from. To clarify that: I did it myself (and I didn't realize people would enjoy is so much). Here's a link to the music itself: GunRun Theme Song. (you have to deactive referrer-loggin to get it)

Well, Tripod didn't like this. My bad. The song will be avaible soon on Newsgrounds Audio, I'll give you the link then.
Feel free to share it with however you want. And give them the link to our site ^^

And again.

As you might have noticed, some dickheads (equals "script kiddie who think it's l33t") cracked the highscore. Well... I did care about security, but forgot to secure the .swf. My bad. Won't happen again. I took the change and progged a new highscore system which I'll also integrate into Traps, Mines and a Sheep (in some days). Have fun.

Once more with feeling

I realized, thanks to Viktor, that GunRun needed another update. It was just too easy above level 20. Viktor managed reach level 100 and the only reason this level could stop him was because of a bug which whiped away all enemies (Bonus-Level) and prevented him from finishing it throug running (Boss-Level). As he could not die, his score would be endlessly high, but he couldn't submit it because he couldn't die. Hehe. Below is the last highscore of the last version. I hope this is the last time I have to do this ^^.

Hall of Fame (GunRun v1.1)

Viktor			??????	       100

EyesCutOut		569568		62
Yaguom			471544		52
luda			451483		51
asdfsdafd		380887		46
Qbawl			378946		50
Trevdogg		357847		47
Piti			347109		50
sasasasisisi		314822		47
Hage			290121		41
dave			269961		44


As we encounter heavy traffic, I decided to remove the GunRun-Theme-Music from the game. I also updated the game itself (I fixed a bug that let you have as much life as you can collect) and also changed the scoring. That's also the reason why I reseted the highscore. I attached the last highscore of the old version below.

And finally, there's a little surprise in level 20... hope you like it.

Have fun,

PS: Oh, and to the game named 'SeeD': please drop us a mail. Your score incredible...

Hall of Fame (GunRun v1.0)

SeeD			5424437		112
a			4059669		118
PaLaZuBi|Levi|rosE	4033912		118
Pumpkin[PF]		3718647		111
Motzy			3175362		89
Vip Quality		3111145		86
G.Pirumov-armenia	3092403		92
RedDrago		2726194		96
OTZ			2276546		88
a			2253683		88